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Digital Whirled is a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium-sized companies transition into today’s evolving technological space. The internet is full of noise, so our goal is to get companies’ target audience to stop and listen.

Our team, based in the South Bay Area, is comprised of experienced, passionate and innovative individuals that are ready to collaborate with companies to achieve their marketing and advertising goals. Our creative director, Joshua Vargas, has had computers and cameras in his hands since he was five years old. Destined to be in the creative field, Josh developed his skills in videography, photography, and ux design. He offered a unique perspective during his years of work with local boutiques, community events and festivals, hotels & resorts, fashion shows and models, and at awards dinners.

Our project manager, Sabrina Aragon, has not only worked with nonprofits and local boutiques, but has also built her own personal online brand from the ground up. She has years of experience working on branding, running online advertising campaigns, creating content for product launches and events, and analyzing analytics to make data driven decisions.

We are content creators, designers, analysts, and storytellers. We want to collaborate with you to tell your story!

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